tMap is your way to work in the field!

Precise and accurate measurements

tMap guarantees a precise and accurate measurements made manually, by using a laser rangefinder or GPS.

Sharing projekt with other Users

tMap Gives you an ability to share your projects with co-workers. Thanks to that, the work will be even more efficient and pleasant.

tMap is all your data on one device

This is going into the field without a paper map sheets. This is data transferred in seconds to your computer

tMap is working in all conditions.

Working offline module will allow you to download base maps directly to your device and use them when you are not connected to the Internet.


tMap, rasters

GNSS surveys

It is easy to enter GPS points, whether for points, lines or polygons


Editing multiple layers

It is easy to move from one layer to another, start a recording of a line, take a point, resume recording of the line (with the gps, the rangefinder, hand)


High accuracy GIS and data capture

tMap captures elements from the internal receiver terminal but also from external receiver as the EOS Arrow


Import multiple data

tMap allows you to import data either from files from Dropbox or from a project (that can be shared)


Project management

tMap allows the creation of multiple projects.
You can share among multiple users


Layer management

You can view your recordings, edit, add fields


Capture with rangefinder or GPS

tMap allows you to enter the points (lines and polygons) either by hand, or GPS, is the rangefinder.


Map Templates

Field workers may have different scenarios to collect data. The Map Template provides a common basemap, code-dictionary, forms and empty operational layers for reuse.


Photo Mapping

Possibility to combine photographic data with GIS: link photos to features, save GEOTAG without using a GPS-enabled camera, query and display photos on the map, capture with file name prefix.


Setting styles

You can define styles in layers through very advanced features.



tMap offers powerful point-to-point navigation when using a GPS. Destination can be selected by entering coordinates), tapped position or data record.


Editing records

Your records are accessible at any time modifiable and transformable.



Import and Export

You can import or export data.

Accepted formats are DXF and SHP, GeoTIFF for raster


Easy to use settings

tMap parameters are numerous and easy to access


Dropbox support

Official Dropbox app to integrate Dropbox. It is a free service that enables you to bring your data capture projects anywhere and share them easily.

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